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Wounds/Diabetic Foot Care Phoenix AZ

Diabetes and Your Feet Treatment Phoenix AZHaving a diabetic foot ulcer or wound of any type in the leg or foot can be scary.  The podiatrists at Valley Foot Care, Inc. are Board Certified in wound care and recognized Fellows of the American Professional Wound Care Association.  Dr. Sekosky has achieved additional recognition of his competency by the American Board of Wound Healing.  Both Doctors have had extensive training in limb preservation and training at Hines Veterans Hospital and Loyola University Medical Center where every day clinical, rounds and emergency call involved limb salvage and prevention of limb complications especially in those with Diabetes and Vascular Disease.

According to Diabetic Foot International, 1 in 7 Diabetics will develop a foot ulceration, and 85% of all lower-limb amputations are preceded by a foot ulceration.  Our doctors understand these facts and that is why many of the patients who visit our clinics do so for many years as our doctors believe in prevention.

Our doctors recommend that every patient with Diabetes see the foot doctor at least once a year to have a general foot exam during which the doctor evaluates the patient for vascular disease and neuropathy, both of which can be compromised by elevated sugars.  If these risks are identified, the patient is then seen approximately every 9-12 weeks to prevent limb-threatening events and receive general foot care for nails, corns and calluses.  Our doctors also believe in doing a thorough foot exam every visit and discussing with the patient possible preventative measures to avoid complications in the first place. These might include instructions on how to do daily foot and shoe inspections as well as discussions on proper shoe gear and ways to stay out of trouble with a patient’s foot structure.