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What Makes Us Different

Timothy Sekosky

Having a foot problem can be a real inconvenience and an interruption in our daily routine. It may be a source of great pain or great worry or frustration. Either way, our podiatrists have solutions for you to get back on track to doing the things you love or just simply need to do.

Whether this is your first time having a foot problem or you have had a lifetime of foot problems, the podiatrists at Valley Foot Care, Inc. understand your circumstances. Valley Foot Care, Inc. is privately owned and proud to have served the Valley for over 25 years since 1997.

Regardless if this is your first visit to a podiatrist or one of many, our podiatrists and compassionate staff believe in forming relationships with you, your family and friends. Many patients who visit our practice have been doing so for years or even decades. We also understand those who just want a quick fix to get back to normal! Our goal is to make your life easier and restore your quality of life by fixing your feet as rapidly as possible.

When your feet hurt, we understand you need a doctor who is going to listen to your concerns and address your needs. It is the philosophy of our podiatrists that we will spend the necessary time to thoroughly evaluate your medical history. Additionally we will take the time to listen attentively so that you feel you have been heard and fully understand your condition with all your questions being answered. While most doctors nowadays may just arrive at a diagnosis, our doctors believe that providing you with the best care is more of a journey that is traveled together. We believe in a co-partnership, where the patient and the doctor participate jointly in decisions regarding your best treatment plan. We believe that your wellness is created by a vision between you and one of our highly trained podiatrists. That’s because that is the way it should be. We believe that your foot health and well being is about what is best for you.

For many years Valley Foot Care, Inc. has prided itself in offering same day and next day appointments and strives to be there when you need us most, whether you are new or established. Should it be needed, we have bilingual staff and a podiatrist who enjoys regularly speaking Spanish. We have been known to treat patients of all ages, spanning from the youngest pediatric to retired persons. We also have many years of experience working with children and those with special needs. Because we are privately owned, we can adjust our schedules to do whatever it takes to provide excellent, compassionate care whatever your needs.

Take care of your feet the way they take care of you. Call us today (602) 938-8400 or request an appointment online at

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