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Podiatrist Services In Glendale, AZ

Podiatrists are foot doctors who specialize in treating feet and lower legs. This can apply to both injuries and ongoing complications from such conditions as diabetes. Unlike most doctors, however, podiatrists do not go to regular medical school; instead, there are schools that specialize in the care of the feet and lower legs to which aspiring podiatrist students head. Learn some of the services the podiatrists at Valley Foot Care provide to the people of Glendale AZ.

Diabetic Foot Care

A growing condition a podiatrist must deal with is foot care associated with the onset of diabetes. When a person suffers from diabetes, the person is more likely to suffer from such conditions as loss of circulation in their feet and lower legs, infections in those areas, and even nerve damage. An experienced podiatrist can help a patient limit these issues through routine medical examinations, regular monitoring of the patient’s blood sugar, and prescribing a healthy diet to keep these issues at bay.

Ingrown Toenail Removal

Another common occurrence for many people is ingrown toenails. These are when the nail starts growing into the toe’s skin, causing considerable pain. Left untreated, greater pain and even infection can result. Valley Foot Care foot doctors are experienced in removing ingrown toenails so that our clients feel immediate relief and can quickly resume normal everyday activities like walking and running.

Pediatric Foot & Wound Care

At Valley Foot Care, we take care of many children and their feet. Taking care of your child’s feet is very important, as they can experience foot problems later in life without proper early child foot care. This is especially true if they experience injuries while playing sports or if they have underlying health conditions such as obesity or diabetes.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

The foot doctors at Valley Foot Care are very experienced in treating plantar fasciitis. In this common condition, the ligament connecting the toes to the heel bone is inflamed, causing pain in the heel of the foot. We utilize orthotics, night splints, physical therapy, and in extreme cases, walking boots and crutches to help you overcome this condition.

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