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Pediatric Foot Care Phoenix AZ

pediatricsWe love seeing and interacting with our pediatric patients and see children of all ages in our office. They are truly a highlight of any day for the doctors, our staff as well as other patients. It is so nice spending time with them and talking about school, sports or whatever character they may have on their t-shirt that day. Over the 24 years that we have been in practice, both of our doctors have formed relationships with entire families and often treat multiple siblings from the same households.

Some kids present with ingrown toenails or plantar warts, while others present with inflammation of growth plates or flat feet. As a child begins to walk, parents may notice conditions such as toe walking, limping, in-toeing or out-toeing.  Most conditions can be treated conservatively if they are caught early. Sometimes we prescribe custom foot orthotics, sometimes the child needs physical therapy.

We do everything we can to make every child and their parents feel comfortable and safe while under our care. Both doctors are happy to make adjustments in their office schedules to accommodate the special needs of children of all ages and adapt to each family’s circumstances.

Getting the kids involved in their own care and presenting the information to them in a relatable way really goes a long way in improving compliance and successful outcomes. We have a 3 year old little girl with flat feet who needs orthotics. Since her devices happen to be yellow, we presented them as “magic Belle shoes!”