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orthoticsSuffering from foot pain can be a real problem. Whether the pain is mild or severe, people often find themselves avoiding activities altogether, or even worse, unable to perform daily activities from the simple to complex. A person’s foot structure is the result of genetics, and must be able to withstand everyday stresses.

Our doctors are board certified by the Board of Podiatric Medicine and the Board of Medical Specialties in Podiatry. They have completed Podiatric Orthopedic Residencies in their post-graduate training and have gained valuable experience in surgery and in how the foot and entire body interact with the ground as well as the effects that the ground has on the foot, also known as biomechanics. In doing so our doctors are trained to recognize, diagnose and treat foot conditions, and to prevent deformities from progressing during the process of walking known as gait.

An integral part of foot wellness can come from personalized unique arch supports which your Podiatrist can custom design and prescribe to your exact and individual foot structure. These are known as orthotics and are custom to your foot unlike store-bought arch supports. Our doctors have been casting orthotics since 1996 and know exactly what you need when it comes to a custom, physician prescribed orthotics. We use the latest technique in custom casting and our devices are made to last for many years since they are extremely durable made of superior materials and craftsmanship that you would expect and deserve.

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An easy way to test your orthotic is to place it on the counter. Apply a downward pressure with your fingers in the arch region and if it deflects downward easily and does not hold its form then it needs replacement. Additionally, it should be replaced if there are any cracks or breaks in the hard shell of the orthotic. Orthotic replacement and frequency can vary based on the type of orthotic. An orthotic may also need replacement if there has been a change in foot pain or structure not relieved with normal treatment. Check with your podiatrist as one may need only a minor orthotic adjustment rather than complete replacement.
Orthotics can cause foot, leg, knee and back pain especially if not broken in gradually as recommended by your podiatrist. Having a new orthotic is an adjustment in the way one’s foot and body interact with the ground. Its success is based on following a proper break-in schedule as directed by your podiatrist who understands your foot structure the best after a complete and thorough exam.
Orthotics can serve as a great non-surgical way to treat foot conditions. If one is fearful of surgery or wants to avoid surgery, this is a great alternative. They should also be considered to prevent foot problems from occurring or recurring especially when chronic in nature. Our doctors recommend examining your shoes first, then perhaps investing in a good quality shoe and over-the-counter insole prior to making the decision to invest in custom orthotics. Orthotics should also be considered if medications, shoe changes, injections and physical therapy have not resolved the foot complaint.