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Ingrown Nails, Do Home Remedies Really Work?

Ingrown nails can be a source of great pain.  They can also create infection of the nail and place the patient at risk for bone infection if not attended to properly.  If severe enough this can lead to amputation and long-term antibiotics though IV.

Many home remedies have been recommended such as: placing cotton under the nail or cutting a V-shape in the center of the nail.  While these home remedies are attempted they rarely provide a long-term solution and place the nail at risk for developing nail fungus due to unnecessary trauma.

The reason these home remedies don’t work is because of the way the root of the nail is curved. Trimming a V shape in the nail or stuffing cotton under the nail is ineffective and does not address the true problem.

Preventing an ingrown nail from recurring involves performing a procedure known as a matrixectomy.

This is an in-office procedure in which the toe is numbed under local anesthesia and the abnormal curvature of the nail responsible for the ingrown nail is removed.  Once removed the root of the nail is then treated with very strong acid that kills the root.  Thankfully the patient does not feel the acid during the treatment because the toe is numb. Additionally, near the end of the procedure, the acid is irrigated away and does not create pain.  The end result is a flat nail that will no longer create pain or infection.

Afterwards the patient can expect a very large bandage and should anticipate this by bringing an open-toed sandal the day of the procedure.  After the procedure it is important to go home and elevate your feet.  To insure the best healing and success follow the aftercare instructions provided by your podiatrist.  This may include instructions on foot soaks or use of local wound products.  This is extremely important and not doing so may delay healing due to an infection post-operatively.

Our podiatrists have performed thousands and thousands of these procedures with great success and have the trusted experience to resolve this chronic, annoying and painful condition once and for all.

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