Valley Foot Care, Inc.

Diabetic Foot Care Near Phoenix, AZ


The doctors of Valley Foot Care, Inc. in Phoenix, AZ, recommend that every patient with Diabetes see the foot doctor at least once a year to have a general foot exam and avoid the diabetic wound. During the physical examination, the doctor evaluates the patient for vascular disease (poor circulation) and neuropathy (decreased nerve sensation), both of which can be compromised by elevated glucose (blood sugar). If these risks are identified, the patient is then seen approximately every 9-12 weeks to prevent limb-threatening events and receive general foot care for nails, corns (thickened skin on the tops or tips of the toes), and/or calluses (thickened skin on the bottoms of the feet). Our podiatrist encourages patients to follow diabetic foot care guidelines and strongly recommends against self-treatment, especially the use of medicated pads and liquids which can cause a chemical burn of the tissue around and beneath the corn or callus.

Our diabetic foot doctors also believe in doing a thorough foot exam every visit and discussing with the patient possible preventative measures to avoid complications in the first place. These might include diabetic foot care instructions on how to do daily foot and shoe inspections as well as discussions on proper shoe gear and ways to stay out of trouble with a patient’s foot structure. During visits for treatment of diabetic foot or diabetic foot care checkups, our podiatrist also discusses with the patient the other organ systems commonly affected by diabetes, including the eyes and kidneys. We emphasize the need for good glucose control, regular eye exams, and bloodwork to ensure the health of their kidneys. We recommend that every patient with Diabetes be under the care of a primary care physician or an endocrinologist.