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Wound Healing Tips

Wound Healing Tips

Healing a wound or ulceration can be a frustrating and challenging experience for patients, their families and even the providers on the wound care team. A comprehensive approach to healing is recommended and often incorporates a podiatrist, vascular surgeon, primary care physician, infectious disease specialist and dietician.  The podiatrists at Valley Foot Care, Inc. are

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foot pain

Custom Arch Supports is a Non-surgical Treatment Option

Orthotics are insoles uniquely prescribed by your doctor to meet the needs and demands of your feet. Similar to prescription eyeglasses custom foot orthotics (CFO) provide a means of improving foot function. While orthotics may not cure all foot and leg conditions, they can serve as an excellent first line conservative treatment option either delaying

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mortons neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma

First described in 1940, this refers to the abnormal thickening of a nerve in the foot which is aggravated by pressure and movement from bones in the foot known as metatarsals. Further aggravation of the nerve occurs when it is dragged across a ligament deep in the foot known as the deep transverse metatarsal ligament.

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Heel Pain

Heel Pain

Heel pain is something we treat on a daily basis, so both of our doctors have many years of experience in this condition! It’s a very common foot problem, and we are dedicated to helping our patients be relieved of their discomfort so they can return to all of their regular activities. One of the

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