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Bunions Treatment Phoenix AZ

Female having Bunion Pain outdoorsBunions can be a painful foot condition that occurs when a large bump develops near the big toe joint. Similarly, this can occur near the small toe as well and is known as a bunionette or tailor’s bunion.

Initial care may consist of conservative measures such as good shoe selection, medications, injections, and custom arch supports.

When conservative measures fail to provide adequate relief then we recommend consulting with one of our foot surgeons.  Surgery should also be considered when an individual has difficulty carrying out daily activities due to the pain or the bunion has become progressively larger with time.

Our podiatrists have been well-trained in performing bunion surgery and have successfully done so since 1996.  Surgical correction of a bunion is more formally known as a bunionectomy.  This involves removing the bump of bone near the big toe joint that creates pain and sliding the head of the bone over into a more corrected position.  After being moved the bone is held in place with fixation that may include screws, pins, or plates.  This allows the bone to heal in the corrected position.  This new and improved alignment of the big toe improves foot function and gait.

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