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Bunions-Innovation Meets Individual

Bunions-Innovation Meets Individual

Imagine surgery with less worry. Is that possible? Ossio brings exciting new fixation options for foot surgery with the concept of “Restore, Regrow, Renew”. Personally, I like to think of it as “Where Innovation Meets Individual”. Ossio’s innovative mindset stands to forever change the landscape of orthopedic surgery.

Perhaps you have thought about having foot surgery yet the idea of having hardware in your foot just does not sit well with you.

It is estimated that approximately 1 in 4 patients undergoing surgery will have to have hardware removed after surgery. Perhaps the hardware may come loose or painful after surgery. While removal of loose non-functioning hardware is typically easier than the first surgery it still requires added expense to the patient and the risk of a second surgery.

Thanks to a new technology and innovative thinking, Ossio has developed an incredible solution to orthopedic and podiatric surgery. This new surgical material contained within the screw or staple has the unique ability to incorporate into bone after surgical correction as part of the normal healing process. The material in the screw or staple is made of natural minerals found in bone such as calcium and magnesium. The beauty of these materials is that they leave nothing behind after the desired orthopedic correction has been obtained.

This technology has proven effective at treating painful bunion deformities, hammer toe deformities and Achilles repair and more.

If you are considering bunion or hammer toe correction we recommend consulting with one of our foot surgeons today.