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Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles Tendinitis Treatment Phoenix AZThe Achilles tendon, also known as the heel cord, is located in the back of the ankle, attached to the back of the heel bone. It originates from the muscle in the back of the calf and is responsible for heel lift during the gait, or walking, cycle.

Sometimes, pain in the back of the heel or ankle, can be caused by an overuse of this tendon. When this tendon is overused, it becomes inflamed, irritated and painful.

Depending on the individual, the treating doctor may use a variety of treatments directed at relieving the irritated tendon, such as medicine and custom arch supports, in which a plaster impression is taken of the foot which balances more effectively the foot’s interaction with the ground, thereby reducing or alleviating the pain completely.

By providing support, the stress on the tendon is substantially reduced and calf pain can be eliminated.  Valley Foot Care, Inc. specializes in and takes interest in prescribing and making custom foot orthotics designed to meet the unique needs of one’s foot.  In doing so, our goal is to alleviate foot pain and make participating in daily activities enjoyable again.


Inflammation, swelling, and pain in the back of the heel and above the heel.

A tight calf muscle and possible overuse during activity.

Consider learning how to do wall stretches, skier stretches and using a heel lift in your workout shoe if your Achilles Tendon is tight.

Seek medical attention or visit your podiatrist if you notice swelling or bruising more than normal or if that persists for more than 3-4 weeks.

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